sherpa.astro.ui.get_specresp(id=None, filter=False, bkg_id=None)

Return the effective area values for a PHA data set.

  • id (int or str, optional) – The identifier for the data set to use. If not given then the default identifier is used, as returned by get_default_id.

  • filter (bool, optional) – Should the filter attached to the data set be applied to the ARF or not. The default is False.

  • bkg_id (int or str, optional) – Set if the ARF should be taken from a background set associated with the data set.


arf – The effective area values for the data set (or background component).

Return type:



Return the effective-area values for the default data set:

>>> arf = get_specresp()

Return the area for the second background component of the data set with the id “eclipse”:

>>> barf = get_spectresp("eclipse", bkg_id=2)