Display the statistic values for the current models.

Displays the statistic value for each data set, and the combined fit, using the current set of models, parameters, and ranges. The output is printed to stdout, and so is intended for use in interactive analysis. The get_stat_info function returns the same information but as an array of Python structures.

See also


Calculate the fit statistic for a data set.


Return the statistic values for the current models.


If a fit to a particular data set has not been made, or values - such as parameter settings, the noticed data range, or choice of statistic - have been changed since the last fit, then the results for that data set may not be meaningful and will therefore bias the results for the simultaneous results.

The information returned by calc_stat_info includes:


The dataset identifier (or identifiers).


The name of the statistic used to calculate the results.

Fit statistic value

The current fit statistic value.

Data points

The number of bins used in the fit.

Degrees of freedom

The number of bins minus the number of thawed parameters.

Some fields are only returned for a subset of statistics:

Probability (Q-value)

A measure of the probability that one would observe the reduced statistic value, or a larger value, if the assumed model is true and the best-fit model parameters are the true parameter values.

Reduced statistic

The fit statistic value divided by the number of degrees of freedom.


>>> calc_stat_info()