The module

Tools for creating, storing, inspecting, and manipulating data sets


Data(name, indep, y[, staterror, syserror])

Data class for generic, N-Dimensional data sets, where N depends on the number of independent axes passed during initialization.

Data1D(name, x, y[, staterror, syserror])

Data1DAsymmetricErrs(name, x, y, elo, ehi[, …])

1-D data set with asymmetric errors Note: elo and ehi shall be stored as delta values from y

Data1DInt(name, xlo, xhi, y[, staterror, …])

1-D integrated data set

Data2D(name, x0, x1, y[, shape, staterror, …])

Data2DInt(name, x0lo, x1lo, x0hi, x1hi, y[, …])

2-D integrated data set

DataSimulFit(name, datasets[, numcores])

Store multiple data sets.


Base class for all data classes.

DataSpace1D(filter, x)

Class for representing 1-D Data Space.

DataSpace2D(filter, x0, x1)

Class for representing 2-D Data Spaces.

DataSpaceND(filter, indep)

Class for representing arbitray N-Dimensional data domains


A class for representing filters of N-Dimentional datasets.

IntegratedDataSpace1D(filter, xlo, xhi)

Same as DataSpace1D, but for supporting integrated data sets.

IntegratedDataSpace2D(filter, x0lo, x1lo, …)

Same as DataSpace2D, but for supporting integrated data sets.

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