The module

Classes for storing, inspecting, and manipulating astronomical data sets


DataPHA(name, channel, counts[, staterror, …])

PHA data set, including any associated instrument and background data.

DataARF(name, energ_lo, energ_hi, specresp)

ARF data set.

DataRMF(name, detchans, energ_lo, energ_hi, …)

RMF data set.

DataIMG(name, x0, x1, y[, shape, staterror, …])

Image data set, including functions for coordinate transformations

DataIMGInt(name, x0lo, x1lo, x0hi, x1hi, y)

DataRosatRMF(name, detchans, energ_lo, …)

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of DataPHA, DataARF, DataRMF, DataIMG, DataIMGInt, DataRosatRMF