sherpa.models.regrid.rebin_no_int(array, dimensions=None, scale=None)[source] [edit on github]

Rebin the array, conserving flux.

Return the array array to the new dimensions conserving flux, so that the sum of the output matches the sum of array.


AssertionError – If the totals of the input and result array don’t agree, raise an error because computation may have gone wrong


This routine is based on the example at which was released as GPL v3 © Martyn Bristow 2015. It has been slightly modified for Sherpa.


>>> ar = np.array([
...    [0,1,2],
...    [1,2,3],
...    [2,3,4],
...    ])
>>> rebin_no_int(ar, (2,2))
array([[1.5, 4.5],
       [4.5, 7.5]])