class sherpa.instrument.Kernel(dshape, kshape, norm=False, frozen=True, center=None, args=[], kwargs={}, do_pad=False, pad_mask=None, origin=None)[source] [edit on github]

Bases: NoNewAttributesAfterInit

Base class for convolution kernels

There are some validation checks made when the object is created but not when fields are changed. The assumption is that concepts like the dimensionality of the kernel are not going to be changed.

Methods Summary

calc(pl, pr, lhs, rhs, *args, **kwargs)

convolve(data, dshape, kernel, kshape)




Methods Documentation

calc(pl, pr, lhs, rhs, *args, **kwargs)[source] [edit on github]
convolve(data, dshape, kernel, kshape)[source] [edit on github]
deinit(vals)[source] [edit on github]
init_data(data)[source] [edit on github]
init_kernel(kernel)[source] [edit on github]