The sherpa.utils.err module

Sherpa specific exceptions


SherpaErr(edict, *args)

Base class for all Sherpa exceptions.

ArgumentErr(key, *args)

ArgumentTypeErr(key, *args)

ConfidenceErr(key, *args)

DS9Err(key, *args)

DataErr(key, *args)

Error in creating or using a data set

EstErr(key, *args)

FitErr(key, *args)

IOErr(key, *args)

IdentifierErr(key, *args)

ImportErr(key, *args)

InstrumentErr(key, *args)

ModelErr(key, *args)

Error in creating or using a model

NotImplementedErr(key, *args)

PSFErr(key, *args)

ParameterErr(key, *args)

Error in creating or using a model

PlotErr(key, *args)

Error in creating or using a plotting class

SessionErr(key, *args)

StatErr(key, *args)

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of SherpaErr, ArgumentErr, ArgumentTypeErr, ConfidenceErr, DS9Err, DataErr, EstErr, FitErr, IOErr, IdentifierErr, ImportErr, InstrumentErr, ModelErr, NotImplementedErr, PSFErr, ParameterErr, PlotErr, SessionErr, StatErr