sherpa.smoke(verbosity: int = 0, require_failure: bool = False, fits: str | None = None, xspec: bool = False, ds9: bool = False) None[source] [edit on github]

Run Sherpa’s “smoke” test.

The smoke test is a simple test that ensures the Sherpa installation is functioning. It is not a complete test suite, but it fails if obvious issues are found.

  • verbosity (int, optional) – The level of verbosity of this test

  • require_failure (boolean, optional) – For debugging purposes, the smoke test may be required to always fail. Defaults to False.

  • fits (str or None, optional) – Require a fits module with this name to be present before running the smoke test. This option makes sure that when the smoke test is run the required modules are present. Note that tests requiring fits may still run if any fits backend is available, and they might still fail on their own.

  • xspec (boolean, optional) – Require xspec module when running tests. Tests requiring xspec may still run if the xspec module is present.

  • ds9 (boolean, optional) – Requires DS9 when running tests.


SystemExit – Raised if any errors are found during the tests.