sherpa.astro.xspec.set_xschatter(level: int) None[source] [edit on github]

Set the chatter level used by X-Spec.

Set the chatter setting used by the X-Spec routines for determining what information gets printed to the screen. It is equivalent to the X-Spec chatter command [1].

Changed in version 4.14.0: The default chatter setting has been bumped from 0 to 10 to match XSPEC. Users will see extra screen output the first time some XSPEC models are evaluated.


level (int) – The higher the value of level, the more screen output will be created by X-Spec routines. A value of 0 hides most information while 25 will generate a lot of debug output. The starting value is 10.


There is no way to change the X-Spec “log chatter” setting.



Set the chatter level to hide most, if not all, output from X-Spec models:

>>> set_xschatter(0)