class sherpa.plot.MultiPlot[source] [edit on github]

Bases: object

Combine multiple line-style plots.

Allow multiple line-style plots - so those plot classes that use the plot method to display - to be drawn in the same area. Each plot is added with the add method.

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Methods Summary


Add the plot to the list of data to plot.

plot([overplot, clearwindow])

Plot the data.

Attributes Documentation

plots: list[Plot | HistogramPlot]

Methods Documentation

add(plot: Plot | HistogramPlot) None[source] [edit on github]

Add the plot to the list of data to plot.

A copy of the plot object is stored, rather than the input argument. The title attribute can be set or changed.


plot (instance) – The plot or histogram object to add. It must have a plot method.

plot(overplot: bool = False, clearwindow: bool = True, **kwargs) None[source] [edit on github]

Plot the data.

  • overplot (bool, optional) – If True then add the data to an existing plot, otherwise create a new plot.

  • clearwindow (bool, optional) – Should the existing plot area be cleared before creating this new plot (e.g. for multi-panel plots)?

  • **kwargs – These values are passed on to the plot backend, and must match the names of the keys of the object’s plot_prefs dictionary. Note that the same arguments are passed to each plot.