Return one or all options for the iterative-fitting scheme.

The options available for the iterative-fitting methods are described in set_iter_method_opt.

Parameters:optname (str, optional) – If not given, a dictionary of all the options are returned. When given, the individual value is returned.
Returns:value – The dictionary is empty when no iterative scheme is being used.
Return type:dictionary or value
Raises:sherpa.utils.err.ArgumentErr – If the optname argument is not recognized.

See also

Return the name of the iterative fitting scheme.
Set an option for the iterative-fitting scheme.
Set the iterative-fitting scheme used in the fit.


Display the settings of the current iterative-fitting method:

>>> print(get_iter_method_opt())

Switch to the sigmarej scheme and find out the current settings:

>>> set_iter_method('sigmarej')
>>> opts = get_iter_method_opt()

Return the ‘maxiters’ setting (if applicable):

>>> get_iter_method_opt('maxiters')