class sherpa.astro.plot.BkgModelPHAHistogram[source] [edit on github]

Bases: ModelPHAHistogram

Plot a background model for a PHA dataset.

The filtering and grouping from the background of the PHA datset are used to create the bins for the model.

Attributes Summary


The preferences for the plot.


Return (xlo + xhi) / 2

Methods Summary

overplot(*args, **kwargs)

plot([overplot, clearwindow])

Plot the data.

prepare(data, model[, stat])

Attributes Documentation

histo_prefs = {'alpha': None, 'capsize': None, 'color': None, 'ecolor': None, 'label': None, 'linestyle': 'solid', 'linewidth': None, 'marker': 'None', 'markerfacecolor': None, 'markersize': None, 'xerrorbars': False, 'xlog': False, 'yerrorbars': False, 'ylog': False}

The preferences for the plot.


Return (xlo + xhi) / 2

This is intended to make it easier to swap between plot- and histogram-style plots by providing access to an X value.

Methods Documentation

overplot(*args, **kwargs) [edit on github]
plot(overplot=False, clearwindow=True, **kwargs) [edit on github]

Plot the data.

This will plot the data sent to the prepare method.

  • overplot (bool, optional) – If True then add the data to an existing plot, otherwise create a new plot.

  • clearwindow (bool, optional) – Should the existing plot area be cleared before creating this new plot (e.g. for multi-panel plots)?

  • **kwargs – These values are passed on to the plot backend, and must match the names of the keys of the object’s plot_prefs dictionary.

See also

prepare, overplot

prepare(data, model, stat=None) [edit on github]