class sherpa.plot.Confidence2D[source] [edit on github]

Bases: DataContour, Point

Attributes Summary



Methods Summary

calc(fit, par0, par1)

contour([overplot, clearwindow])

overcontour(*args, **kwargs)

point(x, y[, overplot, clearwindow])

Draw a point at the given location.

prepare([min, max, nloop, delv, fac, log, ...])

Attributes Documentation

contour_prefs = {}
point_prefs = {}

Methods Documentation

calc(fit, par0, par1)[source] [edit on github]
contour(overplot=False, clearwindow=True, **kwargs)[source] [edit on github]
overcontour(*args, **kwargs) [edit on github]
point(x, y, overplot=True, clearwindow=False, **kwargs) [edit on github]

Draw a point at the given location.

  • x – The coordinates of the plot.

  • y – The coordinates of the plot.

  • overplot (bool, optional) – If True then add the data to an existing plot, otherwise create a new plot.

  • clearwindow (bool, optional) – Should the existing plot area be cleared before creating this new plot (e.g. for multi-panel plots)?

  • **kwargs – These values are passed on to the plot backend, and must match the names of the keys of the object’s point_prefs dictionary.

prepare(min=None, max=None, nloop=(10, 10), delv=None, fac=4, log=(False, False), sigma=(1, 2, 3), levels=None, numcores=None)[source] [edit on github]