The sherpa.models.regrid module

Evaluate a model on a different grid to the requested one.

This is intended to support convolution-style models, where the convolved model should be evaluated on a different grid to the data - e.g. a larger grid, since the convolution will account for signal outside the data range - and then be regridded to match the desired grid.


Axis(lo, hi)

Represent the axes of a N-D object.

EvaluationSpace1D([x, xhi])

Class for 1D Evaluation Spaces.

EvaluationSpace2D([x, y, xhi, yhi])

Class for 2D Evaluation Spaces.

ModelDomainRegridder1D([evaluation_space, name])

Allow 1D models to be evaluated on a different grid.

ModelDomainRegridder2D([evaluation_space, name])

Allow 2D models to be evaluated on a different grid.


rebin_2d(y, from_space, to_space)

rebin_int(array, scale_x, scale_y)

Rebin array by an integer scale on both x and y

rebin_no_int(array[, dimensions, scale])

Rebin the array, conserving flux.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of Axis, EvaluationSpace1D, EvaluationSpace2D, ModelDomainRegridder1D, ModelDomainRegridder2D