sherpa.astro.xspec.set_xsabund(abundance)[source] [edit on github]

Set the elemental abundances used by X-Spec models.

Set the abundance table used in the X-Spec plasma emission and photoelectric absorption models. It is equivalent to the X-Spec abund command 1.


abundance (str) – A file name, format described below, or one of the pre-defined names listed in the Notes section below.


The pre-defined abundance tables are:

  • ‘angr’, from 2

  • ‘aspl’, from 3

  • ‘feld’, from 4, except for elements not listed which are given ‘grsa’ abundances

  • ‘aneb’, from 5

  • ‘grsa’, from 6

  • ‘wilm’, from 7, except for elements not listed which are given zero abundance

  • ‘lodd’, from 8

  • ‘lpgp’, from 9 (photospheric, requires XSPEC 12.12.0 or later)

  • ‘lpgs’, from 9 (proto-solar, requires XSPEC 12.12.0 or later)

The values for these tables are given at 1.

Data files should be in ASCII format, containing a single numeric (floating-point) column of the abundance values, relative to Hydrogen.

The screen output of this function is controlled by the X-Spec chatter setting (set_xschatter).


1(1,2) Note that this may refer to a newer version than the compiled version used by Sherpa; use get_xsversion to check.


Anders E. & Grevesse N. (1989, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 53, 197)


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Lodders K., Palme H., Gail H.P., Landolt-Börnstein, New Series, vol VI/4B, pp 560–630 (2009)…4B..712L/abstract


>>> set_xsabund('lodd')
 Solar Abundance Vector set to lodd:  Lodders, K. ApJ 591, 1220 (2003)
>>> set_xsabund('abund.dat')
 Solar Abundance Vector set to file:  User defined abundance vector / no description specified