The sherpa.models.basic module


Box1D([name]) One-dimensional box function.
Const1D([name]) A constant model for one-dimensional data.
Cos([name]) One-dimensional cosine function.
Delta1D([name]) One-dimensional delta function.
Erf([name]) One-dimensional error function.
Erfc([name]) One-dimensional complementary error function.
Exp([name]) One-dimensional exponential function.
Exp10([name]) One-dimensional exponential function, base 10.
Gauss1D([name]) One-dimensional gaussian function.
Log([name]) One-dimensional natural logarithm function.
Log10([name]) One-dimensional logarithm function, base 10.
LogParabola([name]) One-dimensional log-parabolic function.
NormGauss1D([name]) One-dimensional normalised gaussian function.
Poisson([name]) One-dimensional Poisson function.
Polynom1D([name]) One-dimensional polynomial function of order 8.
PowLaw1D([name]) One-dimensional power-law function.
Scale1D([name]) A constant model for one-dimensional data.
Sin([name]) One-dimensional sine function.
Sqrt([name]) One-dimensional square root function.
StepHi1D([name]) One-dimensional step function.
StepLo1D([name]) One-dimensional step function.
Tan([name]) One-dimensional tan function.
UserModel([name, pars]) Support for user-supplied models.
Box2D([name]) Two-dimensional box function.
Const2D([name]) A constant model for two-dimensional data.
Delta2D([name]) Two-dimensional delta function.
Gauss2D([name]) Two-dimensional gaussian function.
Scale2D([name]) A constant model for two-dimensional data.
SigmaGauss2D([name]) Two-dimensional gaussian function (varying sigma).
NormGauss2D([name]) Two-dimensional normalised gaussian function.
Polynom2D([name]) Two-dimensional polynomial function.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of Box1D, Const1D, Scale1D, Cos, Delta1D, Erf, Erfc, Exp, Exp10, Gauss1D, Integrate1D, Log, Log10, LogParabola, NormGauss1D, Poisson, Polynom1D, PowLaw1D, Sin, Sqrt, StepHi1D, StepLo1D, TableModel, Tan, UserModel, Box2D, Const2D, Scale2D, Delta2D, Gauss2D, SigmaGauss2D, NormGauss2D, Polynom2D