The sherpa.astro.models module


Atten([name]) Model the attenuation by the Inter-Stellar Medium (ISM).
BBody([name]) A one-dimensional Blackbody model.
BBodyFreq([name]) A one-dimensional Blackbody model (frequency).
BPL1D([name]) One-dimensional broken power-law function.
Beta1D([name]) One-dimensional beta model function.
Beta2D([name]) Two-dimensional beta model function.
DeVaucouleurs2D([name]) Two-dimensional de Vaucouleurs model.
Dered([name]) A de-reddening model.
Disk2D([name]) Two-dimensional uniform disk model.
Edge([name]) Photoabsorption edge model.
HubbleReynolds([name]) Two-dimensional Hubble-Reynolds model.
JDPileup([name]) A CCD pileup model for the ACIS detectors on Chandra.
LineBroad([name]) A one-dimensional line-broadening profile.
Lorentz1D([name]) One-dimensional normalized Lorentz model function.
Lorentz2D([name]) Two-dimensional un-normalised Lorentz function.
MultiResponseSumModel(name[, pars])
NormBeta1D([name]) One-dimensional normalized beta model function.
Schechter([name]) One-dimensional Schecter model function.
Sersic2D([name]) Two-dimensional Sersic model.
Shell2D([name]) A homogenous spherical 3D shell projected onto 2D.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of Atten, BBody, BBodyFreq, BPL1D, Beta1D, Beta2D, DeVaucouleurs2D, Dered, Disk2D, Edge, HubbleReynolds, JDPileup, LineBroad, Lorentz1D, Lorentz2D, MultiResponseSumModel, NormBeta1D, Schechter, Sersic2D, Shell2D