The sherpa.astro.optical module

Optical models intended for SED Analysis

The models match those used by the SpecView application [1], and are intended for un-binned one-dimensional data sets defined on a wavelength grid, with units of Angstroms. When used with a binned data set the lower-edge of each bin is used to evaluate the model. This module does not contain all the spectral components from SpecView ([2]).




AbsorptionEdge([name]) Optical model of an absorption edge.
AbsorptionGaussian([name]) Gaussian function for modeling absorption (equivalent width).
AbsorptionLorentz([name]) Lorentz function for modeling absorption (equivalent width).
AbsorptionVoigt([name]) Voigt function for modeling absorption (equivalent width).
AccretionDisk([name]) A model of emission due to an accretion disk.
BlackBody([name]) Emission from a black body as a function of wavelength.
Bremsstrahlung([name]) Bremsstrahlung emission.
BrokenPowerlaw([name]) Broken power-law model.
CCM([name]) Galactic extinction: the Cardelli, Clayton, and Mathis model.
EmissionGaussian([name]) Gaussian function for modeling emission.
EmissionLorentz([name]) Lorentz function for modeling emission.
EmissionVoigt([name]) Voigt function for modeling emission.
FM([name]) UV extinction curve: Fitzpatrick and Massa 1988.
LMC([name]) LMC extinction: the Howarth model.
LogAbsorption([name]) Gaussian function for modeling absorption (log of fwhm).
LogEmission([name]) Gaussian function for modeling emission (log of fwhm).
OpticalGaussian([name]) Gaussian function for modeling absorption (optical depth).
Polynomial([name]) Polynomial model of order 5.
Powerlaw([name]) Power-law model.
Recombination([name]) Optically-thin recombination continuum model.
SM([name]) Galactic extinction: the Savage & Mathis model.
SMC([name]) SMC extinction: the Prevot et al.
Seaton([name]) Galactic extinction: the Seaton model from Synphot.
XGal([name]) Extragalactic extinction: Calzetti, Kinney and Storchi-Bergmann

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of AbsorptionEdge, AbsorptionGaussian, AbsorptionLorentz, AbsorptionVoigt, AccretionDisk, BlackBody, Bremsstrahlung, BrokenPowerlaw, CCM, EmissionGaussian, EmissionLorentz, EmissionVoigt, FM, LMC, LogAbsorption, LogEmission, OpticalGaussian, Polynomial, Powerlaw, Recombination, SM, SMC, Seaton, XGal